Nonconformity of the Human Spirit


Among the minds of our brethren many, infectious disease spreads through the plenty.
While men born free find no respite, with options few, but fight or flight.
Society respects not, the truly free, hive culture mind demands minds agree.
When one mind elevates above the rest, it’s sole survival is its final test.

Men’s egos weak by natures seed, so death to minds which strong hearts freed.
Threats consume weak men with ease, for the weak man’s mind cannot concede.
Great men have sought for virtues claim, contribution to the human flame,
And in life’s short span have found no fame, but after death retained their name.

Strength in Destruction


When your world caves in and the skies grow dim.
When shadows disappear because the sunlight isn’t near.

When the foundation that you’ve laid, begins to give away.

That is the time to bend or break. There is a choice in the path you take.

For that foundation was built upon the sand, and on such a weak foundation a building cannot stand.

This moment in time does not need to be about a loss, it is just another obstacle upon the path that you must cross.

And on the day when you arrive, a little bruised but still alive…

You will have the time to reflect at length, on your perseverance and hidden strength.

From the past, you’ve had a chance to learn and grow. Acquiring helpful knowledge that you may have never known.

With new tools upon your belt, lessons learned and feelings felt.

You have found within yourself a certain place of power.

Now find yourself a better place to lay the foundation for your tower.