Life is All About Perception


In our darkest moments, the light seems to not only fade from out from our world but to creep right out from our hearts and souls. All of the good in the world is noticed only with great difficulty and passes more quickly from the heart. The rays of light seem not to shine so brightly, and cannot penetrate the dark atmosphere that we have created around ourselves. The evil and corruption in the world can become painfully visible. We rely on the support of those around us who’s perception has not been clouded by this darkness to guide us to the light because we know not in which direction we should walk.

That is the reactive mind allowing itself to be pulled and pushed by external circumstances. Temporarily in the light, temporarily in the darkness. The emotional atmosphere that seems to come and go with the good and the bad is really just our reaction to what we have perceived. The way that events within our own lives affect our emotional climate really depends on how we perceive and process that information.

All of the information must be processed as it is. There will always be good and bad in our lives and we must strive to always be honest with ourselves, to see life for what it really is. We must accept the circumstances for what they are and feel the pain or joy of it within our hearts. Then we must try and let it pass. Allow that darkness to fill you for a moment, recognize it for what it is and notice how it makes you feel. Then let it go. Let it take the darkness with it. Allow it to be visible in the distance of your mind, but put it aside.  Keep the light nearby. Within your mind is a Universe of your own making. You are far more powerful within that Universe than you will ever be in this physical existence. You have the power to shift that atmosphere, but you can not destroy it. Even in our own Universe ruled by perception and thought, consciousness and subconsciousness, balance is necessary and we should strive to find a peaceful spot in that Universe in between our emotional atmospheres. A Neutral spot. A place of peace and tranquility. A place from which you can walk in between your emotions and a spot to which you can always return.

I imagine my spot as a quiet place in the woods. A large log sitting in the clearing provides me with a comfortable spot to sit and rest. Around me is a small dirt clearing surrounded by trees that allow in odd rays of light that sparkle and shine through the leaves. Audible sounds of life from the forest penetrate my seclusion. The air is warm. It is the perfect spot to call my home. It is peace. Life is better from this spot. It provides me with control and a clear head. My decisions are less affected by my emotions. They are more rational, timely and made with good judgment.

What does your neutral place look like?

Again, the way we perceive ourselves and the way that we perceive others in our lives all comes from someplace that is deep and hidden within ourselves. One’s perception does not define that person, and your perception of yourself does not even really define who you are. The beauty of perspective is that it can change and if you’re not satisfied with the way you see yourself or somebody else and if it causes you distress, try another perspective. Seek to understand and you will allow your perspective to grow. With understanding comes wisdom and with wisdom often comes compassion and love.  If you’re not satisfied with yourself, adapt and change. Take small steps to become the person that you have always wanted to be. Don’t ever feel stuck in a static perception. The Universe is massively dynamic and so should our thoughts be on this journey. We are only a vessel in the Universe after all. Try not to waste your time feeling hopeless and negative. It will happen from time to time, but always remember that you have the power to return to your neutral spot at any time.



Existential thoughts on Life and the Universe


In the beginning, all matter blasted its way into existence as we know it through the big bang and the creation of the universe. Billions of years later, from that same matter, life was created on Earth in the form of microbes. As the years rolled on, so did evolution and life has become more complex and intelligent. Even self-aware.

Essentially, in the bigger picture of things we have all come from the same matter and energy. We may have developed separately over small periods of time in comparison to the development of the Universe but there is a life force that we are all a part of which has stemmed from the same source in existence.

This fact has led me to believe that it’s possible we may all share the same soul energy. Our experiences and history may shape the person that we know ourselves as today, but what if every single one of us were to share the same soul? What if when we die our soul energy returns to the source and is spread again into the Universe when new life is created? To me, this doesn’t seem so far-fetched and it actually falls in line with many religious beliefs of reincarnation in one way or another. What if in reality, in the bigger picture, there is no such thing as individual life, but we are all part of a shared mass of life. What if we share the same soul as our feline friends, with the birds in the sky, and the whales in the ocean. We are all in this together after all. Struggling to live and facing the same uncertainties in life. Animals have been known to show great compassion, even for animals of another species. Most life seeks to do no harm unless it’s completely necessary for the continuation of its own existence. Humans may be an exception to this but even when we are breeding species purely for the sole purpose of harvesting their meat and hide, there are those of us who see the injustice in the practice. It’s because we can relate to life. Whether it be animal or another human. I can sense a sort of soul within my animals.

In the end, I doubt that there will ever be a time when humans fully understand the nature of life and the Universe. There are theories of other dimensions that are backed by science. For if this Universe was created out of matter, then there must be another Universe that has been created out of, primarily, anti-matter. What happened before the big bang and how did matter come into existence in the first place? What if the Universe as we know it is actually nothing more than an atom-sized particle to another Universe that is infinitely larger than our own and we are just far too small to be able to tell? Science proves and disproves itself every day. Maybe we will never truly know the depth and details of existence, and maybe that’s okay. Maybe the beauty is in the mystery and not knowing. If we can never really truly know the depth to the mysteries of the Universe, then maybe we should just enjoy the limited time we have. So remember to have respect for all life. Every animal and person could actually be an extension of ourselves.

The Eternal Struggle of Good Versus Evil


The pendulum swings in motion, tracking time with every dip and swing. The Earth zips through space following the course of its orbit around the Sun. The oceans heave and sigh as the tides come in and then withdraw. All the while, humanity is caught in a constant struggle for balance between the forces of good and evil.

Darkness threatens to overwhelm the light, but the light is resilient and unrelenting. Chaos swirls about the planet like weather patterns. Unpredictable at large, there are moments of calm and there are moments of disaster. Humanity struggles to balance itself and to find it’s true identity. The good in life will not accept the evil for what it is and the evil sees only weakness in the good. Evil abides by no rules and feels ultimately powerful within itself when it is barred by no limitations. Good has boundaries, but what evil often forgets is that the power of good comes not from the strength of the individual but by the strength of all the good in the world working together. Evil is inherently selfish although it does believe in teamwork in desperation. Even this teamwork is fragmented and divided because evil does not consider the needs of another. Good can be concrete, loyal, honest and undeterred by personal ambition or corruption. Those who are invested in goodness for the sake of progressing what’s right in the world often act upon the request of something so much larger than themselves. They become a vessel of the Universe. A Hero’s life becomes part of something larger than themselves. A Hero fights for the people rather than solely for themselves. The power of good rests primarily in its support for one another.

So the world spins and so spins the chaos in humanity. Evil taking from the good and good neutralizing the evil, like atoms crashing into dark matter. Humanity is hungry for change and evil is hungry for power. The clash goes on for hundreds of thousands of years. Victories of evil are temporary and progress is undeniable. Yet evil will always be necessary to balance the good in the universe. As there could be no light without darkness. There could be no heat without the cold. No euphoric happiness without the knowledge of what it is to be sad and miserable. So shall humanity continue to dance with both good and evil.

Pick a side. There is no sitting on the sidelines in this life.


Solitude is Paradise


Freedom. Tranquility. Independence. Creativity. Imagination.
These are all words that come to mind when I reflect upon the moments of solitude that I’ve had in my life. When we’re truly alone and left to our own devices, that’s when our creative juices can really begin to flow. Spring forth imagination and creativity. Find your inner soul and dance with it. Being alone does not have to be lonely. It can be a celebration.

With no distraction and a quiet mind, we can begin to peel back the layers of ourselves, one by one, like an onion and get a little closer to finding that core in the middle that composes our entire being. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s an invitation to learn about ourselves. It’s an invitation to honest reflection. If we can accept that and appreciate ourselves for who we are and where we are (even if it’s not exactly where we would like to be), then we are on a path that will eventually lead to personal happiness and fulfillment. If we can love ourselves as we are and enjoy our own company then there’s nothing in this world to be afraid of because we know ourselves and we can trust ourselves.

No person shall be able to demean or belittle us because they could never know us better than we know ourselves. There will be a solid personal foundation that is unshakable and difficult for others to break. They could not have us believe that we are anything less than what we know we already are.

We don’t need a personal support to lean upon at all times because we are comfortable with ourselves and we can trust in ourselves to be that support that we will need. It’s not to say, that outside support is never needed or welcome, but it is both our last and first line of defense against life’s challenges and transgressions. There may be times when it’s not possible for anybody else to be there for you, and in those times, at least there’s comfort in knowing that you can always be there for yourself.

Solitude can be paradise. Solitude does not have to be loneliness. Solitude can be your strength.

Learn to love your time alone.