The Eternal Struggle of Good Versus Evil


The pendulum swings in motion, tracking time with every dip and swing. The Earth zips through space following the course of its orbit around the Sun. The oceans heave and sigh as the tides come in and then withdraw. All the while, humanity is caught in a constant struggle for balance between the forces of good and evil.

Darkness threatens to overwhelm the light, but the light is resilient and unrelenting. Chaos swirls about the planet like weather patterns. Unpredictable at large, there are moments of calm and there are moments of disaster. Humanity struggles to balance itself and to find it’s true identity. The good in life will not accept the evil for what it is and the evil sees only weakness in the good. Evil abides by no rules and feels ultimately powerful within itself when it is barred by no limitations. Good has boundaries, but what evil often forgets is that the power of good comes not from the strength of the individual but by the strength of all the good in the world working together. Evil is inherently selfish although it does believe in teamwork in desperation. Even this teamwork is fragmented and divided because evil does not consider the needs of another. Good can be concrete, loyal, honest and undeterred by personal ambition or corruption. Those who are invested in goodness for the sake of progressing what’s right in the world often act upon the request of something so much larger than themselves. They become a vessel of the Universe. A Hero’s life becomes part of something larger than themselves. A Hero fights for the people rather than solely for themselves. The power of good rests primarily in its support for one another.

So the world spinsĀ and so spins the chaos in humanity. Evil taking from the good and good neutralizing the evil, like atoms crashing into dark matter. Humanity is hungry for change and evil is hungry for power. The clash goes on for hundreds of thousands of years. Victories of evil are temporary and progress is undeniable. Yet evil will always be necessary to balance the good in the universe. As there could be no light without darkness. There could be no heat without theĀ cold. No euphoric happiness without the knowledge of what it is to be sad and miserable. So shall humanity continue to dance with both good and evil.

Pick a side. There is no sitting on the sidelines in this life.