My Fitness Journey


So in the last few weeks, I’ve been hit with some questions by friends who are interested in making changes to their appearance or by gaining strength. They’re just not sure where to begin. There’s so much information out there and it’s hard to filter out what’s good and bad information. The information can also be misleading to try and market a product or supplement and this can be disheartening. It’s enough to make a person feel lost with how to proceed in becoming that better version of themselves and since I’m currently on that same journey I would like to share what I have learned with others to hopefully give them some of the tools that they might need to get them started in the right direction.

My name is Mat Sackrider and since the time that I’ve become an adult, I had developed a passion towards fitness and exercise.  However, in the beginning, I made a lot of the same mistakes that most newbie lifters do. I hit chest day hard, neglected my back and legs, didn’t track my progress or eating habits etc. For a few years, I traveled abroad and lived in backpacker hostels without a lot of money so I fell away from the gym and lost most of the muscle that I had gained. A few years ago I fell back into fitness and fell in love all over again. I tried to be a little smarter about my approach this time. Spent more time focusing on my form and trying to understand the mechanics behind each movement. I made it my mission to just learn as much as I could about how to create the sort of strength and physique that I had always hoped of having. I am currently in the midst of that project and back in February of 2017, I decided to get really serious about it. Intermittent fasting, tracking workout routines,  tracking macros and calorie intake, then just research, research, research.

Here’s a progress photo of mine after 8 months…

Fitness Progress

I still feel that I need to shed some weight and lean down, but I was impatient to try and build some muscle first. In both of those photos, I weighed approximately the same 160lbs. I’m not interested in trying to add a bunch of body fat to my figure in the hopes of gaining slightly more muscle mass because I’m going to look and feel like shit in the process. I’d rather have myself lean out while gaining muscle until I’m happy with my physique and then try to add weight on a lean bulk.

Anyways, I am writing this post because exercise, nutrition, and fitness have become passions of mine and I want to be able to share what I learn with others along the way. I also want to introduce myself in case anybody finds themselves wondering exactly what my story is. Well, this is basically it. I’ve always been kind of a geek when I’m super interested in a subject and I’ve just applied that geekiness to my fitness with what I feel are good results. Looking forward to seeing how far my journey takes me and I wish everyone else the best of luck on that journey of their own if they decide to take it.

Just remember that nobody gets there overnight. Keep moving forward, even if it’s baby-steps. Always strive to be a better version of yourself. Be competitive with yourself and no one else. Be patient with yourself when you make mistakes and always stay hungry for new information to help you on your way. When you decide to pursue fitness in the long term you should avoid fad diets and routines. It’s something that you’re going to want to make sustainable for the rest of your life. So learn about proper nutrition and learn to cook nutritious and delicious foods, learn to love your workout routine (music makes it for me) and find a way to enjoy being physically active outside of the gym. Fitness and being healthy doesn’t need to feel like a chore. It should improve the quality of your life. Stay tuned for more posts in the future in regards to workout tips and the basics of how to get started in bodybuilding.

I’ve also written an article on the basics of proper nutrition and that can be accessed here; Proper Nutrition in a Nutshell.



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