Life is All About Perception


In our darkest moments, the light seems to not only fade from out from our world but to creep right out from our hearts and souls. All of the good in the world is noticed only with great difficulty and passes more quickly from the heart. The rays of light seem not to shine so brightly, and cannot penetrate the dark atmosphere that we have created around ourselves. The evil and corruption in the world can become painfully visible. We rely on the support of those around us who’s perception has not been clouded by this darkness to guide us to the light because we know not in which direction we should walk.

That is the reactive mind allowing itself to be pulled and pushed by external circumstances. Temporarily in the light, temporarily in the darkness. The emotional atmosphere that seems to come and go with the good and the bad is really just our reaction to what we have perceived. The way that events within our own lives affect our emotional climate really depends on how we perceive and process that information.

All of the information must be processed as it is. There will always be good and bad in our lives and we must strive to always be honest with ourselves, to see life for what it really is. We must accept the circumstances for what they are and feel the pain or joy of it within our hearts. Then we must try and let it pass. Allow that darkness to fill you for a moment, recognize it for what it is and notice how it makes you feel. Then let it go. Let it take the darkness with it. Allow it to be visible in the distance of your mind, but put it aside.  Keep the light nearby. Within your mind is a Universe of your own making. You are far more powerful within that Universe than you will ever be in this physical existence. You have the power to shift that atmosphere, but you can not destroy it. Even in our own Universe ruled by perception and thought, consciousness and subconsciousness, balance is necessary and we should strive to find a peaceful spot in that Universe in between our emotional atmospheres. A Neutral spot. A place of peace and tranquility. A place from which you can walk in between your emotions and a spot to which you can always return.

I imagine my spot as a quiet place in the woods. A large log sitting in the clearing provides me with a comfortable spot to sit and rest. Around me is a small dirt clearing surrounded by trees that allow in odd rays of light that sparkle and shine through the leaves. Audible sounds of life from the forest penetrate my seclusion. The air is warm. It is the perfect spot to call my home. It is peace. Life is better from this spot. It provides me with control and a clear head. My decisions are less affected by my emotions. They are more rational, timely and made with good judgment.

What does your neutral place look like?

Again, the way we perceive ourselves and the way that we perceive others in our lives all comes from someplace that is deep and hidden within ourselves. One’s perception does not define that person, and your perception of yourself does not even really define who you are. The beauty of perspective is that it can change and if you’re not satisfied with the way you see yourself or somebody else and if it causes you distress, try another perspective. Seek to understand and you will allow your perspective to grow. With understanding comes wisdom and with wisdom often comes compassion and love.  If you’re not satisfied with yourself, adapt and change. Take small steps to become the person that you have always wanted to be. Don’t ever feel stuck in a static perception. The Universe is massively dynamic and so should our thoughts be on this journey. We are only a vessel in the Universe after all. Try not to waste your time feeling hopeless and negative. It will happen from time to time, but always remember that you have the power to return to your neutral spot at any time.



2 thoughts on “Life is All About Perception

  1. I’m glad I stumbled on to your blog.
    I’ve always envisioned my neutral place to be at the ocean shore. Eyes closed but listening and laying on the sand with the lower half of my body in the water, feeling the calming rhythm of the water moving back and forth. It’s almost as if I can hear Mother Nature’s heartbeat and nothing else is as important or urgent in those moments.

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