Solitude is Paradise


Freedom. Tranquility. Independence. Creativity. Imagination.
These are all words that come to mind when I reflect upon the moments of solitude that I’ve had in my life. When we’re truly alone and left to our own devices, that’s when our creative juices can really begin to flow. Spring forth imagination and creativity. Find your inner soul and dance with it. Being alone does not have to be lonely. It can be a celebration.

With no distraction and a quiet mind, we can begin to peel back the layers of ourselves, one by one, like an onion and get a little closer to finding that core in the middle that composes our entire being. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s an invitation to learn about ourselves. It’s an invitation to honest reflection. If we can accept that and appreciate ourselves for who we are and where we are (even if it’s not exactly where we would like to be), then we are on a path that will eventually lead to personal happiness and fulfillment. If we can love ourselves as we are and enjoy our own company then there’s nothing in this world to be afraid of because we know ourselves and we can trust ourselves.

No person shall be able to demean or belittle us because they could never know us better than we know ourselves. There will be a solid personal foundation that is unshakable and difficult for others to break. They could not have us believe that we are anything less than what we know we already are.

We don’t need a personal support to lean upon at all times because we are comfortable with ourselves and we can trust in ourselves to be that support that we will need. It’s not to say, that outside support is never needed or welcome, but it is both our last and first line of defense against life’s challenges and transgressions. There may be times when it’s not possible for anybody else to be there for you, and in those times, at least there’s comfort in knowing that you can always be there for yourself.

Solitude can be paradise. Solitude does not have to be loneliness. Solitude can be your strength.

Learn to love your time alone.

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